Concept2 .csv log file overlay maker

Quick and dirty application that creates a movie showing pace, stroke rate and other variables as recorded by ErgData from the monitor of your Concept2 erg. Suitable for overlaying on a video. (almost) All done in-browser.

Quick test showing different stroke rate and pace combinations.

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Drop a C2 .csv logfile here to convert


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How can I see other variables, like average pace?
The Concept2 format for .csv is limited to elapsed time, stroke rate, instantaneous pace, distance, heart rate, watts and calories per hour.
But you can calculate average pace (and others) from those variables!
Yup, this is on the list of things to fix.
The output video format sucks. Can you change it?
Yup, this is on the list of things to fix. If you have suggestions please pass them along.
Why would I use this over <other software>?
This handles (almost) everything in-browser. Feel free to use something else if this doesn't fit your needs.
Does this handle intervals?
It generates multiple movies for interval workouts!
Yup. The Concept2 .csv format doesn't include rest periods, so the output movie is split into parts for easier overlaying.
Why are there pauses in the movie at the start of each interval?
Purely for allowing you to better sync the overlay in your editing software.
Why does this miss the first few and last few seconds of an interval?
The data provided on the Concept2 Online logbook for a session appears to only include data on the stroke. This means the first stroke and the end of the workout are typically missed.
The time and distance don't increase smoothly! WTF?!?
Yup; as stated above the Online logbook data appears to only include data on the stroke, not between strokes.
So any pointers on how to sync this properly over video of me rowing?
Yup: Try syncing at the end of the overlay movie first, then lock in the start stroke. Note that you may need to stretch either your video or the overlay video to get 100% accurate overlay goodness. But as a savvy video editing connoisseur, you already know that.
This doesn't work on my phone!
Not indended for phone use; try a computer instead.
This doesn't work on my computer!
This application has been tested and works using the latest version of the Chrome web browser on Mac OS X. YMMV on other platforms.
The filenames of the movies are gibberish!
Yup, this is on the list of things to fix.
This page looks like balls!
Yup, this is on the list of things to fix.
I want to yell at you! Where do I find you?
You can yell at me here.